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Cold and flu may be coming to an office near you!

When Australia was hit by the worst flu outbreak on record in 2017, many companies were not prepared for the impact. Business operations were severely disrupted due to the high number of employees suffering with flu or looking after family members wh...


Paws for thought

The benefits of allowing staff to bring their pets to work is well documented and proven. As long as no one is allergic to them and the pets (usually dogs, but not always) are safe and well behaved, everyone gains. It could even be a deciding factor ...


What’s the real cost of hiring an HR contractor?

Written by Tegan Rose, HR Dept Ringwood Your people represent a huge proportion of your business expenses. How much of your hard-earned revenue is spent on paying the people who work for you? And how much do you value the work they do? What if the...


What business owners can learn from Australia’s cheating cricketers.

So much has already been written about the ball-tampering scandal that has hit Cricket Australia. But what could business owners learn from this? Expectations of staff should be set from the top that projects and tasks will be completed on-time, a...


The benefits of being a generous employer this Easter

Looking at the shops, it really does seem as though Easter is the new Christmas.  Easter crackers, Easter biscuits, hot cross buns... And of course, the Easter Bunny will be frantically making his way across predicted snow-laden fields to bring us a...


How to deal with cancer in the workplace

The prognosis for many cancers is now good but being given the diagnosis is still probably one of the most frightening things that can happen to anyone. Fortunately, the law recognises how devastating it is and the Disability Discrimination Act 19...