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How to keep control over workplace instant messaging

Instant messaging (IM) is such a common form of communication these days that text speak acronyms are used daily. Your personality could even be defined by your most used emoji. Instant messaging apps are accessible communication tools with growin...


How can employers reduce the risk of being ghosted by new recruits?

Have you ever been stood up by a job candidate? Called and emailed them but to no avail? You may have just been ‘ghosted’. In the dawn of a job-seekers’ market, that cold feeling of rejection usually associated with online dating is becom...


Dress codes and discrimination – How to do the former without the latter

Dress codes can be subjective and your idea of dressing to impress may be different to someone else. In a diverse workforce made up of different cultures and backgrounds, it’s probable that you will come across varying opinions on what is and isn...

working dad

How to manage fathers returning to work

It is not uncommon to hear about the difficulties that working mothers can experience when returning to work after maternity leave. What is less apparent are the struggles that can affect stay-at-home fathers re-joining the workforce after a career b...


‘World First’ Inquiry into sexual harassment in the workplace launched

What does this mean for small businesses? The Australia Human Rights Commission have announced a 12-month long inquiry into sexual harassment in the workplace. The inquiry is supported by the Federal Government, with the Minister for Women Kelly O...

pride month lgbt employees

Cultivating an inclusive workplace for your LGBTQ employees

Pride celebrations are taking place worldwide, with rainbow flags flying high and community parades drumming to the beat of solidarity. The colourful and vibrant festivities throughout pride month are led by LGBTQ communities. They encourage the c...