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Are you at risk from unpaid superannuation?

The Superannuation Guarantee, which sees employers make mandatory contributions to employee super pots, has been around for some time now. Intended to help people think seriously about the future, these compulsory savings are essential for good retir...


How to manage strong personalities in your business

The first thing to remember is, there is no right or wrong personality type. And that employees with strong personalities have an important role to play in any successful business. As do those who tend to be more reserved. But without good management...


Why lifelong learning matters to your business

As a business owner you would have heard that training employees boosts productivity and can take your business to the next level. Which sounds great! If it wasn’t for the time it takes, the expense incurred and then the risk of them leaving with a...


How to manage a negative employee

Negative employees can be real energy zappers. Their negativity can be contagious and halt productivity for the wider team. Blaming others for incomplete work or poor performance, holding up projects, criticising company procedures and complaining ab...


Is this meeting necessary?

Have you ever stopped to ask, “Why are we having this meeting?”. If the only answer presented to you is “We always meet at this time every week.”, it’s time to put meetings under the microscope. If you’re looking at ways to improve pro...


Could you be paying the price for incorrect payroll?

A reminder for payroll cut-off pops up in your calendar. How does it make you feel? If you have someone in place to manage payroll for your business, you might dismiss it without a second thought. But, if you are managing payroll yourself, it could b...