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The power of the daily commute

Ah the daily commute, what does yours look like? Do you dread leaving your house each morning for fear of traffic or delays? Or do you relish the head space to listen to your favourite podcast or read a book? Perhaps you are of the few amongst us tha...


It might be the easy option, but is it the ethical one?

Have you ever made an executive decision on impulse and then recited that famous, reassuring phrase “it will all be alright” to justify your decision making? You may have even felt good about the time saved by making a quick and easy decision. Be...


Automation meets HR: Sure-fire shortcuts to get things done

Unless you have buried yourself in offline processes for the past few years, you have probably heard that automation can be a great tool for SME success. From lead generation to real-time marketing, slick e-commerce to prompt customer service; aut...


Is it time to upgrade your space?

If you are reading this at work*, take a look around you. Are you inspired? Are you motivated? If you struggle to feel inspired by your surroundings at work, it’s fair to say that your staff members could be feeling the same way. So, if your ...


How casual is casual?

If this question has ever crossed your mind when it comes to employing people, you may need to review your workforce. A recent landmark ruling by the full Federal Court of Australia has left employers and unions asking for a clearer definition on ...


A laugh a day keeps HR away!

Written by Lee-Anne Hunt, HR Dept Ringwood Yep, I know I’m HR so I probably shouldn’t be writing this but the more businesses (and people) I’m in touch with the more I reflect on what makes a business successful. All of the successful...