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Bushfires – Important information for employers

In response to the catastrophic bushfire crisis impacting Australia, The HR Dept have created a guide to help you understand your rights and obligations as an employer. With the worsening conditions many businesses have no other option but to...

Female nurse or doctor stressed at work

How to manage imposter syndrome in your business

As an employer you may not be surprised to hear that some people lie on their CV to increase their chances of getting a role. They will knowingly falsify grades, get phony references and even make up work experience or entire educational establi...


Who is to blame?

Written by Lee-Anne Hunt – The HR Dept Ringwood Yet another business is publicly blamed for underpayments to their employees. Please don’t think I’m supportive of businesses who knowingly do the wrong thing; it’s just I’m not ...


The loss of customer service goes beyond the loss of jobs in my book!

Written by Lee-Anne Hunt – The HR Dept Ringwood Everywhere I go these days I see more and more automation and self-service. I know it makes life quicker and apparently cheaper, but does it make it better? I no longer need to queue at ...


Are cliques running your business?

Colleagues getting along and working in teams is an ideal scenario for employers. That is until a clique forms and uses your business as its headquarters. A clique is a small exclusive group of people, which may also be referred to as a ga...


Five truly troublesome characters to watch out for in your workplace

With supermarkets stocking up for Halloween, it’s hard to ignore the theme associated so closely with this time of year. But we know that it’s possible to get a fright at any time when a troublesome character causes havoc at work. To help...