What will the new “Business as Normal” beyond lock down look like?

Tuesday May 12, 2020

What’s the new ‘Business as usual’ beyond lockdown look like and how will the following impact on this?

New Industrial laws

Will the federal government wind back the industrial laws or the coronavirus amendments remain in place? What will this mean to the political industrial landscape?

Fair Work Commission

What role will the Fair Work Commission play in designing the new ‘Business as Normal’ with the decisions they make in the next 6 months?

Workplace Health and Safety

How will workplace health and safety regulations change in the coming months? Safe work Australia has developed the 10 safety principles for workplaces and the coronavirus, will these remain in place? Should they remain in place for infectious diseases or influenza?

Employee well being

The last three months have increased the focus for employers on their employee well being. What will the return to the workplace have on employee well being? What will the mental health of your employees be? How will employers manage this? Will employee well being have a great focus in the future? How do you manage employees who need to take leave?

Leadership styles

How will leadership styles change to accommodate the new ‘business as normal’. What style will enable the greatest productivity in employees? For example, how does a leader that relies on his or her charismatic style lead when they are not able to walk the talk in the office? Will leaders need to become more emotionally intelligent and intuitive?

Virtual meetings?

Will the senior executives and business owners look at the efficiency gains that have been gained by the reduction in travel and the like for face to face meetings and make virtual meetings the new norm? Do project managers need to travel 5 hours for a two-hour meeting with clients?

Social distancing?

Will staff insist on social distancing in the workplace to maintain their personal space? How many workplaces will only have a half or a third of their workforce in the office environment with other employees working at home? What will this mean to the flexibility of the workplace?

Workplace cleanliness and infection control?

Are we entering a phase in the workplace that cleanliness and infection control is of greater importance to your employees? Are current workplaces and how the workplace environment is designed to allow for effective cleanliness and infection control?

Flu vaccinations

Will we have the same respect for influenza in the future or will employees be increasingly aware of the need for vaccinations? Will it become compulsory for employees to be immunised with the flu vaccine to work with other employees in the workplace and what role does the employer play in providing this for his/her employees?

Each workplace will be different. For a discussion and advice on how the above will impact on your business contact Gavin Cator 0409 825 502


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