Why outsourcing HR is a no-brainer right now

Wednesday August 5, 2020

HR is a complex beast for many businesses, especially those that don’t have the resources for a dedicated in-house HR expert. Add the pandemic into the mix – which brings new temporary employment and safety regulations – and things just got a lot more challenging!

While businesses grapple with the impact of the coronavirus, many employees who’ve lost their jobs have turned to Fair Work to complain. Unfair dismissal claims increased by 70% in May this year and according to the Treasury’s latest update, 709,000 jobs were lost in the June quarter with more job losses expected. That could create a lot of disgruntled employees.

If you haven’t considered getting help to manage your HR yet, now’s the time to do it – even if things are uncertain. With the right support, you will be taking one worry off your shoulders and potentially saving yourself a lot of time, trouble and grief.

Here are 5 reasons to outsource your HR now.

1.Save money

You may not be able to justify paying for an in-house HR department to work permanently in your business – but you don’t need to. You can choose to outsource to The HR Dept, and we’ll give you access to our highly qualified experts without the employee overheads. We offer a range of services and payment options to ensure you receive the support you need, when you need it. This includes ad hoc and regular support options.

2.Save time

Looking for answers, investigating complicated employment legislation or new schemes like JobKeeper is time consuming. That’s time you probably don’t have. With a quick email or phone call to the HR Dept, you can get trusted, accurate advice when you need it.

We’re here to help you navigate the challenges of:

    • Bringing people back to work after lockdown
    • Adopting a hybrid working model
    • Or dealing with redundancies

3.Stay on the right side of employment law

The Coronavirus has had a massive impact on Australia’s workforce but you still need to do things correctly (and legally). We can help you avoid unfair dismissal claims when making cuts as a result of the pandemic or help you with risk mitigation to prevent breaches of Fair Work legislation. By outsourcing your HR support to us, we can keep you up-to-date and compliant.


Some HR scenarios, such as difficult conversations, disciplinary action, handling grievances or workplace investigations, benefit from including an experienced mediator. This is one of our areas of expertise.


Clients who use our HR Solution package receive advice backed by employer’s indemnity insurance.

Is it time to focus on operational matters – not HR problems?

Running a business is more challenging than ever, so don’t distract yourself with the complexities of learning about the new HR requirements. Instead, let us do it for you.

By outsourcing your HR support to us, we’ll ensure your HR is always compliant, answer all your questions and even update your documentation if you need to. Stop fretting about your HR compliance responsibilities. Give us a call, and let’s create a plan that works for you.




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