Should employees be entitled to time off to care for sick pets?

Wednesday April 26, 2017

Pets are one of the family, which means two things. You love them to bits, and they’re very expensive!

Typically, this is the case when your pet dog, cat our hamster has some horrible accident or falls ill.  A wave of relief comes over as you recall the pet insurance you took out. Even with insurance however you pay out first, then reclaim it, we know that can be tough in January with the above mentioned credit card bill just in. making it worse you are now back at work and the last thing your boss wants to hear is you asking for time off to attend vet appointments.

Pet owners will know that collecting your pet is always ‘about 4.00pm’ after an operation or hospitalisation, meaning you must leave work at 3.30pm if you are fortunate enough to work nearby or even earlier. Then don’t forget the aftercare! You have planned out all this year’s annual leave after reading those enticing destination magazines on New Year’s Day and now you are going to have to use some of that looking after Rover. The maxim “a dog is for life not just Christmas” comes home to roost!

Here is what we are suggesting; employers, should be forced through legislation to. Provide additional time off for emergency pet care, much like that all ready in place for other dependants, like children. After all Tiger is one of the family too. In fact, many people don’t have dependent children, why should those employees be disadvantaged and not permitted to look after their little furry kids?

We urge you to gather support and petition government for reform in this neglected area. We can’t help but wonder what other recommendations people have for ground-breaking and important new employment legislation.

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