Can you imagine how awful it would be to tell an employee’s family they won’t be coming home tonight?

Wednesday October 11, 2017

It’s a conversation no-one wants to have and certainly no family wants to hear that someone they love has been injured or died at work. Yet according to SafeWork Australia, 120 Australians have lost their lives in a workplace accident so far this year.

It’s not just the worker and their immediate family that are affected by a workplace accident. It also affects fellow workers, passers-by who may have witnessed the accident, managers and business owners who genuinely care for the health and safety of their staff.

The more serious the accident, the more traumatic it is for everyone.

The saddest aspect of a workplace accident is that it can often be prevented if only someone had noticed there was a potential problem. It could be as simple as missing a safety step in the rush to complete a project. Or it could be something you have been meaning to fix for a while – and just never got around to it.

Whatever the cause, most workplace accidents are preventable and that’s what National Safe Work Month is all about.

Being vigilant about safety and looking out for each other is something we should all do every day. But October is the month where we recommit to creating a safer, healthier workplace.

How could your workplace improve its safety standards?

Here are 5 simple ways to start you off.

  1. Talk to your team about how important it is to you that they return home safely after every workday.
  2. Consult with your team. They may have noticed a problem or two that need addressing.
  3. Walk the talk. Throughout the year, if you see a potential trip hazard or some other safety issue, address the problem with your staff and get it fixed promptly.
  4. Be mindful of the pressure some projects or workloads place on your staff and look for ways to alleviate that stress. If you don’t have the answers, your staff might so consult with them.
  5. Review your Work Health and Safety Policies and Procedures to ensure they are up to date and reflect any changes that may have occurred in workflows or equipment usage.


Unless you have experienced it yourself, you cannot imagine how guilty you will feel if one of your team members is injured (or worse) at work. So don’t risk it. Use October to kick-start a more focused approach to workplace safety and if you would like help, give our expert team a call on (02) 8052 3082.

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