Preparing for the Easter break

Wednesday March 14, 2018

Easter is only a couple of short weeks away and now is the time to start planning about how to manage the break to keep the workplace running smoothly.

Schools will be breaking up and parents will be vying for time off around the holiday.

Keeping everyone productive

For the long weekend, it’s tempting for people to wind down before Good Friday. But it’s important that staff know what’s expected of them and that slacking off won’t be tolerated.

Motivating the office with an Easter egg hunt might be a nice seasonal team-building activity as well as getting people up and away from the desks. Staying fit and moving regularly can help the team be more alert and productive.

Checking the calendar

It’s important to plan ahead, especially if your business is open across the holiday weekend. Service gaps can easily happen if everybody takes the same week off!

Making sure that there are enough staff to cover any shifts can be tricky, especially when you must work out when people need to have their scheduled breaks.

Irish airline Ryanair became caught up in an annual leave blunder last year, leading to cancellations of hundreds of flights and millions of pounds of compensation, lost revenue and brand damage.

Getting the systems right

An HR admin management system can alleviate some of the hassle inevitably caused by the holidays. Why not try a free demonstration of our partner software PeopleHub? Get in touch with The HR Dept today to take it for a spin and get rid of those paper requests!

Preventing People Problems

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