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Disciplinary and Grievance

Handling staff disciplinary and grievance issues is never pleasant and often charged with emotion. Let’s face it, you work with your team every day and are likely to have built a relationship with them and their family outside of work.

The HR Dept’s advice allows you to distance yourself from the personal aspects of discipline or grievance management whilst maintaining compliance to ensure all staff perform at the right levels. We can attend on site to support you and your managers to make the whole experience as painless as possible.

Disciplinary issues fall into two main categories:

  1. Misconduct for minor infringements or
  2. Gross misconduct which can result in Summary Dismissal of the employee

The HR Dept can provide you with a disciplinary and grievance policy that meets your individual business needs.

Our retained service, HR Solution comes with an insurance policy designed to protect your business from possible employee claims initiated as a result of disciplinary or grievance procedures.