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Jenna Paulin

Jenna Paulin

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After years of managing large teams, I found it odd that when it came to hiring my first staff member I actually a found the idea a little daunting. I realised it was because what I didn’t have was the HR support that the organisations I previously worked at had provided.

Knowing that employees are one of the biggest cost to a business, it was a no brainer when I met Jenna that I needed her on my side.

Jenna in a short time, was able to identify opportunities and work with us implement new systems and process. She helped us to prepare our mission, vision and values and in the process we were quickly able to establish those on our team that shared our passion and values- and we were able to identify and part ways with those who didn’t.

Being able to have someone with experience assist in the hiring process, prepare contracts and provide clarity on our legal responsibilities being only a phone call away has had a positive impact on our business overall.

With that being said, just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and support and I couldn’t recommend Jenner and her serveries highly enough.
Tim Reynolds, Mortgage Broker & Director, Accession Finance
We have worked with Jenna through some unique employment contracts, and got them done very professionally in a timely manner. Not only were we thrilled with this, Jenna went above and beyond, taking the matter of award interpretation to fair work, then escalating it to the research team to get the verdict. We now have official confirmation, and were told that no one has ever asked about our category before which is a testament to Jenna's vigilance. We appreciate all the great work the Jenna has done and couldn't recommend her more highly to anyone wanting to ensure high-quality HR standards in their workplace.
Harry Sanders, SEO Specialist & Director, Studio Hawk
As a young and growing business, we had been looking at expanding and bringing on new employees for some time, but like many business owners, we don’t have the time, experience or knowledge on how to do this to a professional standard.

The HR Department and Jenna’s ability to scale her offering down or up to meet the needs of our business was a fantastic solution. Jenna’s professionalism has been nothing short of exceptional and is clearly matched by her experience and expertise in all things HR.

Jenna was, proactive, responsive, direct and went over and above our expectations. Any businesses that can’t afford their own HR department should enquire about the services Jenna and the HR Department can offer. We certainly look forward to an ongoing relationship and the peace of mind knowing that Jenna and the HR Department have this side of our business under control and we can use the time saved to focus on our core services.
Jayden Post, Financial Adviser & Partner , Hard Line Wealth
Jenna from the HR Department is what I call my calming and perspective angel!

I don't know about everyone else, but for me, my staff are like my family... so when there is an issue that has arisen with one of those 'family members' I instantly feel sick and my brain starts running a million miles per hour. Jumping straight to the worst-case scenario of course.

Jenna so very promptly returned my 'SOS' text messaged and two missed calls (sorry Jenna) to help me with what I thought was the world falling apart...

She instantly calmed me!

Jenna listened to everything I had to say in my frantic jump about nature and didn't once tell me to 'calm down' or 'don't worry about it'...

Instead she walked me through the scenario as described by me (however in a much calmer nature), she gave me tools, strategies, tasks and step by step instructions on how to navigate through this confusing and overwhelming time.

She was patient and was even able to relate my experience with other which made me think 'thank god it's not just me' and realised that yes, we are all human.

I followed her instructions to the T which resulted in me being calm, direct and authoritative but understanding and this resulted in an amicable conversation taking place and a proposed resolution for all moving forward.

If I had not had Jenna in my corner and in my ear, who knows how that conversation may have played out. As like all of you, our families are so important!

So I would HIGHLY recommend Jenna from the HR Department for all your HR needs.

Thank you Jenna!!
Kiani Mills, Managing Director, KLM Conveyancing
Jenna from The HR Dept provided professional, practical and straight to the point advice for my HR matters. Her passion for helping others was evident, along with her knowledge and experience in the HR space. I will definitely be using Jenna next time I need some assistance and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing support or advice.
Maree Millard
With a successful career spanning 25 years, my existing resume was quite detailed in outlining my skills and achievements. Unexpectedly I was recently back in the job market and found I wasn’t getting responses from job applications as I’d expected.
I reached out to Jenna of the HR Dept for advice on the current trends and expectations of hiring managers when reviewing resumes.
Jenna offered great insights on current recruiting trends and practices around candidate selection and suggested the key areas of my resume content to highlight. Based on her feedback I tailored and refined my resume to be more user-friendly to the readers (hiring managers) whilst still providing a strong outline of my capabilities. This certainly helped increase responses from recruiters and assisted me in securing my current role.
I can certainly recommend Jenna from the HR Dept as trusted counsel regarding candidate selection processes and talent identification.
Vanessa Benallack
Jenna came to us as a referral and she was excellent. She assisted to implement HR processes and policies as well and making recommendations around HR management software. The speed of service from Jenna as well as her friendly nature made her feel like part of our team very quickly.
Paul Mead, Managing Director, She Maps
We are so glad we connected with Jenna at the networking event. In such a short time Jenna has been beyond helpful and supportive and we wouldn’t have been able to onboard our new team so smoothly without her. We look forward to continuing our work with Jenna.
Bree Dallwitz, Chief Marketing Officer, Listing Loop Group
I engaged the services of Jenna Pullin of the HR Dept to help me recruit a key position in my business. In the past I have recruited positions myself by posting online. The thought of looking through hundreds of applicants was just not the best use of my time. Traditional recruiting firms charge on a percentage basis which would have meant a fee in excess of $10,000. Jenna’s fee for service model suited my requirements and budget.

After an initial meeting with Jenna where I outlined the purpose of the role, key performance indicators and going through our value’s of the business the process started. Jenna took control of the whole process, from writing and placing the add, shortlisting 3 candidates and interviewing the candidates with myself until we selected the right person. I am happy to say that Charvele is working out perfectly in the business 6 weeks in and I see her as a critical to helping me build the business further into the future.

I would not hesitate in recommending Jenna for any small business owner who needs to recruit a key person into their business.
Paula Hart , Principal and Tax Agent | Hart Partners
We have been using Jenna’s services for quite some time now and would highly recommend her to anyone that is in need of HR services.

Jenna, along with others, played a vital role in helping us set up our businesses. Jenna implemented OHS, Drug, Bullying and Harassment Policies as well as an online workpro induction process for any employees and subcontractors. This adds a level of protection that we hadn’t even thought of and therefore would have left ourselves exposed.

I’ve called Jenna with various situations that have come up with the challenge that is employing staff and she has gone above and beyond to help strategize and guide us through. I would highly recommend Jenna’s services to anyone that is in need of HR and will we will most certainly continue to use her services going forward.
Craig Ritchie, Premium Fitouts & Premium Glass