When does the unfairness start?

Thursday March 8, 2018

It’s kind of obvious that no matter who does a job, they’d be paid the same. What does it matter if they’re male or female?

But boys and girls get the message very early on that men earn more, with boys on average being given 20% more pocket money than girls. So the message and inequality starts here. Research has also learned that boys are allowed more freedom on how they spend their money. Being paid less and having parents exerting control over how they spend their spending on their money is an introduction to being seen as of less value.

So it ’s not surprising to find out how many women are doing work of equal value as men but are paid less for it despite legislation. This is the campaign for equal pay and it is shocking that the fight is still going on.

Back pay claims surge

Equal pay is the law. Men and women must be paid the same for work of equal value and the cost of getting it wrong can be quite considerable. In the UK, some supermarkets are being taken to the court for nearly $200m in back pay.

Ms Hayes, chief executive of charity the Women’s Resource Centre, said: “We are here again, year after year lamenting the seemingly impervious issue of equal pay for men and women.

“Even though we have laws outlawing the practice of sex discrimination in pay, our progress is probably not even at a snail’s pace”

Come on employers instead of us just celebrating International Women’s Day let us make it the year that becomes the year of equal pay, starting with your children!

Equal pay for equal work

Getting it right is so important to avoid a huge employment tribunal claim. Get in touch with The HR Dept to find out more about how to make sure your staff are being paid equally.

Preventing People Problems

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