What’s the real cost of hiring an HR contractor?

Thursday April 5, 2018

Written by Tegan Rose, HR Dept Ringwood

Your people represent a huge proportion of your business expenses. How much of your hard-earned revenue is spent on paying the people who work for you? And how much do you value the work they do? What if they’re not performing at their best? Or aren’t turning up for work when they’re supposed to? Or just not fitting into the team and culture of your business? What does this do to your bottom line?

You could be spending lots of your hard-earned money paying people who aren’t really contributing to the businesses success or revenue. Worse still, what if something goes wrong? Despite your best efforts to resolve things nicely, you find yourself fronting up to the Fair Work Commission for your employment sins. There’s a whole load of dollars, some collateral damage and your precious company reputation walking out the door right there.

That’s expensive.  It’s frustrating and it could lead to your dreams for your business heading south.

What if you could prevent this from happening? What if you could have a kind of insurance policy to protect you from the pitfalls and frustrations that can come along with employing people? Spending some of your money on the ‘people’ stuff –  the structure, systems, processes and practices to prevent these problems suddenly seems a little more palatable, even sensible.

That’s where HR Dept comes in. That’s where we can help out. Make those payroll dollars work for you, get your people performing at their best, enjoying what they do and working alongside you in pursuit of that dream. But just like any well-oiled machine that’s being regularly serviced and upgraded, your people need attention too. You need to invest in them, and in return their efforts will lead to the success you’re after, and result in those dreams becoming your reality. You can’t afford not to.

Preventing People Problems

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