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What to do when an employee is always late for work

Employee timekeeping can be a major concern to employers. Particularly in businesses which require staff to clock-in. Lateness, absenteeism, even keeping track of sick leave can all act as a distraction to the time-pressed manager. There can b...


Getting ahead with good mental health in your business

As an employer you would not expect your employee to work as usual if they were suffering from a physical illness that caused them obvious pain. Unfortunately, when people are suffering from mental health issues such as depression the signs are not o...


Getting to grips with best practice parental leave

You’ve signed the card and waved an employee off into parenthood. But what happens next? Perhaps you haven’t thought that far ahead yet, especially if the employee is taking the full allowance of parental leave which can be up to two years. Ho...


How to manage an employee under the influence of alcohol

Did you know that a quarter of people drink to get drunk at least once a month? A new report shows how this statistic has increased since 2011. Perhaps you are not too surprised by this as drinking is known to be a popular Australian pastime. With...


Are your interviewing techniques a help or a hindrance?

Interviews. You either look forward to doing them, dread them or get someone else to do them for you. Perhaps you feel you have nailed your interviewing technique by now and typically follow the same process every time. This is great... if your techn...


What to do when an employee asks for a pay rise

Just when everything seems to be ticking along nicely, you get a request from an employee asking for a pay rise. Sigh. It could be right on time, perhaps you have been reviewing wages. Or, it’s caught you off guard and you’re left feeling stun...