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Four benefits of having a diverse workforce in your business

A diverse workforce has the potential to not only benefit you and your staff, but your customers too! An inclusive team can harness new ideas and strengthen networks and communities. A team with a diverse range of work and life experiences can enr...


Sexual Harassment: Don’t Shake It Off

Popstar Taylor Swift recently won a lawsuit after a radio DJ groped her during a photo opportunity. The court heard that David Mueller, 54, groped Taylor's bum in 2013 while she was on tour. Swift told Mueller's boss, and the DJ was fired from his...


Five tips to help keep your best staff

It’s been another turbulent few weeks for the White House staff. The latest communications director lasted merely ten days, Trump’s chief of staff 189 days, his press secretary 182 days, and his national security adviser only 24 days. Staff tu...


Social media can get you in trouble

We’re no stranger to a social media sacking story here at The HR Dept, and we’re sure you’re not either. They’re in the news more often than underpayment of workers! The problem is, people often forget that what they put online in the virt...


How to nurture good mental health at work

Mental health issues, you often can’t see them on the surface. They are not quite as obvious as a broken bone. And yet they’re all around us. One in six people each year will suffer from at least one common mental health issue. And by 2030 it cou...

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Ever wondered what skill sets your staff have beyond their job roles?

You employed your staff, so you know what they are good at, right? Well, maybe in some cases. But it is likely that several of your staff have hidden talents beyond their job description that could be mutually beneficial to both your business and you...