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Should employees be entitled to time off to care for sick pets?

Pets are one of the family, which means two things. You love them to bits, and they’re very expensive! Typically, this is the case when your pet dog, cat our hamster has some horrible accident or falls ill.  A wave of relief comes over as you ...


HR essentials for SMEs

Taking on staff for the first time is a huge step for many SMEs – you may be an expert in your product or service offering but may have only limited working knowledge of HR (Human Resources). Before you expand your workforce, it’s prudent to i...


How disabled-friendly is your company?

Mr Paulley, a wheelchair user, was denied access on a bus because a mother had used the space for her pram, and refused to give it up. Many media headlines have named the bus company and Mr Paulley, but no-one has named and shamed the mother. Pra...


Getting ahead of the competition: How flexible can your business be?

Flexible working has been one of the “buzz phrases” of the last few year but despite advancements in technology, flexible working remains an option for relatively few employees. Work from home springs to the mind of many when flexible working is ...