How HR can help your business to be more agile

Wednesday February 5, 2020

The world is changing. And the devastation that has struck our country in recent months is a stark reminder of just how quickly everything can change. Although most people are accustomed to the possibility of change, be it climatic, political, economic or otherwise, many people can still be caught off guard and feel unprepared when the time comes. Often from being comfortable with the status quo or attempting to follow a plan that doesn’t match the circumstances.

The same can be said for some businesses. In the absence of agile thinking, a business can suffer greatly and fall behind competition capable of adapting quickly to change and new ways of working.

Adapting to change

Whilst it’s not always immediately clear how change might directly impact your industry, business or people management, we do know that preparing for change in general can come with benefits. Therefore, we suggest focusing on how you can make your business adaptable. Because no matter where the change comes from, an ability to adapt is key to survival and success.

We have worked with many SME business owners over the years from a multitude of industries. And we have been on the ground to advise them through major changes. We’ve seen people recruited, let go, companies merge, separate, restructure and more. SMEs have a wonderful ability to be agile and adapt quickly. So whilst a degree of uncertainty or proposed change may feel like a threat at first, we know that, with the right guidance and expertise, a sensible solution can usually be found.

How HR can help

Much of the power of your business lies within the people you employ. Are you nurturing them and preparing them for the future with skills-based training? Are you providing them with the necessary tools to adapt to your industry and meet the changing needs of your customers? Do employees have easy and open lines of communication for knowledge sharing and collaboration?

These are essential components of any successful people management strategy. They can help your team to thrive amidst changes.

Further questions you might like to ask yourself when considering the agility of your business are: Is your company culture attractive and welcoming? Can new starters fit in and hit the ground running when others leave? Do employees work well together and are they motivated to make the most out of the important role they play in your business? How can you make it better?

Retaining good workers who know and understand your business can minimise disruption. Some important aspects of a good retention plan involve flexibility and support. For example, is your business able to adapt when an employee requests flexible working hours? Or give well-being support to manage a personal crisis? Adapting to the changing needs of employees can see experienced staff stay for longer and boost the competence and agility of your workforce.

Taking a people centric approach

Navigating sudden internal or external changes that impact your business can sometimes feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Empowering and upskilling employees can ensure that you have reliable backup that is capable to respond to change quickly and effectively.

If you’d like to learn more about how a people centric approach can help your business to become more agile, call us today. Our experienced HR professionals provide a local and personal service, getting to know you and your business before finding unique solutions to see your business thrive.

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