Give your business a boost with a 2018 training regime

Wednesday January 10, 2018

Many people will have started a training regime in the New Year, trying to lose the festive flab, feel better about themselves, and push on to new limits in 2018.

Your business might benefit from a new training regime too. Staff training to be precise.

There may not be Christmas calories to beat, but how about improved staff retention as a benefit? It is reported that 40% of employees who do not get the training to do their jobs will leave in the first year.

Want to push your business to new limits in 2018? Companies with a structured training plan have on average 218% higher financial turnover and 24% higher profit margin.

And what about feeling better after training? Company training improves staff satisfaction with employees feeling valued and respected when you invest in training for them.

What kind of staff training can you consider?

There are all kinds of staff training you can consider. Your first thought may naturally be towards technical competence. So engineering courses for engineers, advanced cookery courses for your junior chefs, and extra sales training for your biz dev team. All fine and logical.

People often look to the tech giants for innovative HR. Google for example has offered staff free training courses in “How not to dance like a middle-schooler at weddings” which does what it says on the tin, “Data visualisation” which teaches staff how to tell stories with data, and “Superhero play: What does it all mean?” which explains to parents what their young children are thinking when they run around pretending to be The Incredible Hulk!

A bit whacky, but actually teaching employees valuable work and life skills that make them more balanced human beings, and feel appreciated by their employer. Both of these are mutually beneficial.

Huge benefits of HR training

HR courses can be hugely beneficial too.

Employees are often promoted to become managers based on their technical ability. All of a sudden, they find themselves requiring people management skills that are seriously underdeveloped. Without guidance they’ll suffer, the people they manage will stagnate and your business’s productivity will take a hit. The answer? A simple one – send them on an HR course on leadership and people management.

Or how about a course in interviewing and recruitment to ensure you bring the right people on board in the right way; time management to help you and your team work efficiently; or something many people struggle with: “delegation skills”.

Contact us for more information on HR training courses

The HR Dept runs HR training courses that will help your business thrive. They are cost-effective and if you or your staff implement the learning correctly will be invaluable to your business. Contact us or check out the training page on our website to find out what we offer and how you can benefit.

One final thought. Business owners can often think: “What happens if we train them and they leave?” But the real question should be: “What happens if we don’t train them and they stay?”



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