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Wednesday October 2, 2019

What makes a great leader?

Various styles of leadership have been known to achieve success in different fields and industries. So there may not be one clear answer as to what makes a great leader, but rather a mixture of qualities and techniques that can inspire others to follow.

The role of a leader is to encourage collaboration and influence people to meet a common goal.

Traditionally, leaders have been identified as those holding a position of power. The difficulty this can present for a modern-day organisation is that when a leader moves on or retires, there may not be an obvious successor to take their place.

The leaders of today

With the help of advanced technologies, more businesses are adopting agile and flexible working practices. We are seeing a less traditional approach to organisational structures and a clear need for leadership to be developed at all levels.

By nurturing leaders throughout the workforce, a business can not only be managed through periods of change, but also give life to new ideas and find new opportunities for success.

Additionally, a business with well-developed leaders can attract and retain talent, further widening the pool of prospective leaders.

Developing leaders

There are techniques that employers can implement right away to sow the seed and nurture the leaders within their business.

Share the vision. Sharing your vision for the business can help employees to see and understand the common goal they are all working towards. Without this visibility, employees can get caught up with minor issues or lose focus on their purpose and role in the business. They are also more likely to contribute ideas and make useful suggestions if kept informed on wider business objectives.

Stretch skills. Continuously stretching skillsets helps employees to grow and build on their abilities. Through knowledge sharing and job shadowing, employees can learn new skills and discover new ways to contribute to the team.

Empower decision making. The ability to make competent and confident decisions is a key skill for any leader. You can prepare employees for this by guiding and steering them to arrive at their own conclusions when they seek your advice.

Investing in the future

When you have identified employees with promising leadership capabilities, it’s a good idea to consider leadership training. Investing in their future is investing in your business and employees are more likely to remain loyal to an employer who provides opportunities for professional development.

We offer tailor-made courses that can take your leaders and your business to the next level. Ask us how to upskill your employees through an effective training and development program.

Preventing People Problems

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