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Blog: HR General

Getting ahead with good mental health in your business

As an employer you would not expect your employee to work as usual if they were suffering from a physical illness that caused them obvious pain. Unfortunately, when people are suffering from mental health issues such as depression the signs are not o...


How to manage an employee under the influence of alcohol

Did you know that a quarter of people drink to get drunk at least once a month? A new report shows how this statistic has increased since 2011. Perhaps you are not too surprised by this as drinking is known to be a popular Australian pastime. With...


Seven tips to protect your business from employee sabotage

Finding out that you and your business have fallen victim to sabotage is awful. Uncovering that the damage was done from the inside and it was an employee who caused it can be even harder to swallow. After dealing with the initial shock and disappoin...


“Life Admin” Is it ok to get personal at work?

Written by Lee-Anne Hunt - The HR Dept Ringwood On Friday I spent a good hour and a half on hold with a government department. During that time, I googled a little, replied to a few emails but I admit it was difficult to concentrate with that ...


Is HR really the Grinch?

We’re not, not really. At the HR Dept Ringwood we love the Christmas Spirit. What we don’t love is the inevitable problems that arise when people indulge in too much Christmas spirit. Starting with the office Christmas Party; should be a time ...

world mental health day

Talking to your employees about mental health

#WorldMentalHealthDay is an important initiative that aims to bring international awareness to the value of mental health. Whilst a hashtag can get the conversation started, a conscious effort from everyone is needed to keep the conversation open and...


A laugh a day keeps HR away!

Written by Lee-Anne Hunt, HR Dept Ringwood Yep, I know I’m HR so I probably shouldn’t be writing this but the more businesses (and people) I’m in touch with the more I reflect on what makes a business successful. All of the successful...


Are your millennial employees in it for the long haul?

Millennials have voiced their disappointment in today’s world leaders. They are looking to their employers for reassurance and stability. When quizzed in the 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey on the positive vs negative impact made on themselves and ...